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Local author Don Coldsmith passed away June 25, 2009. He was a great friend of ours, and we were sad to say goodbye. Don loved stopping by the store and signing his books, and always had a joke to tell.  

Don was a prolific writer, but over the years various of his titles have gone out-of-print (OOP). Never fear! We at Town Crier Bookstore frequently raid used bookstores to acquire copies of Coldsmith's older novels. If you're looking for a specific title, let us know and we'll track it down.


was released on NOVEMBER 19, 2013

AS OF OCTOBER, 14, 2011: The long-awaited final installment in the Spanish Bit Saga will finally be published in 2012. Get your name on the waiting list now by calling us or emailing us today.

AS OF NOVEMBER 1, 2012: Unfortunately the publisher is still experiencing a delay for this book. We will keep you updated as we receive new information, and hopefully, a solid date.

Don Coldsmith's Bibliography

Spanish Bit Saga
(all available titles are paperback unless otherwise noted; OOP editions are special order and priced per market value)

  1. Trail of the Spanish Bit (OOP)
  2. Elk Dog Heritage (Rereleased in paper and hardback, 2003) (OOP)
  3. Follow the Wind (OOP)
  4. Buffalo Medicine (OOP)
  5. Man of the Shadows (OOP)
  6. Daughter of the Eagle (OOP)
  7. Moon of Thunder (OOP)
  8. Sacred Hills (OOP)
  9. Pale Star (OOP)
  10. River of Swans (OOP)
  11. Return to the River (OOP)
  12. Medicine Knife (OOP)
  13. Flower in the Mountains (OOP)
  14. Trail from Taos (OOP)
  15. Song of the Rock (OOP)
  16. Fort de Chastigne (OOP)
  17. Quest for the White Bull(OOP)
  18. Return of the Spanish (OOP)
  19. Bride of the Morning Star (OOP)
  20. Walks in the Sun(OOP)
  21. Thunderstick(OOP)
  22. Track of the Bear (OOP)
  23. Child of the Dead (OOP)
  24. Bearer of the Pipe (OOP)
  25. Medicine Hat (OOP)
  26. Lost Band (OOP)
  27. Raven Mocker (OOP)
  28. Pipestone Quest(OOP)
  29. Moon of Madness (2013) - hardcover only

Super Editions
(paperback only)

  1. Changing Wind (OOP)
  2. Traveler(OOP)
  3. World of Silence (OOP)

General Fiction
(available in paperback unless otherwise noted)

  1. Runestone (OOP)
  2. Tallgrass (OOP)
  3. Southwind (OOP)
  4. American West (OOP)
  5. Long Journey Home (OOP)
  6. Rivers West: Smoky Hill (OOP)
  7. Horsin' Around (OOP - Rare)
  8. Horsin' Around Again (OOP - Rare)
  9. Still Horsin' Around (OOP)
  10. 3 Complete Novels (OOP - Rare; contains the 3 Super Editions)
  11. Stagecoach (short story in anthology) (OOP)
  12. American West (short story in anthology) (OOP)
  13. Westward (short story in anthology) (OOP)
  14. Lost Trails (short story in anthology) (OOP)